Thursday, 18 April 2013


Sometimes I need to take it easy. When i am upset i just look in the past
at my creations and try something called melancholy,
because the time is passing and it let us in a mist. Now i'm looking for my future and think about the challanges. Today is something in the air. The mind and eyes are attentively at the sky.
Darkness lead the atmosphere and the children stand in front of a fog curtain 
In my opinion this is the reason of uncontrollable behavior.
So i'm staying away from the danger and find some zen throughts, but it is very hard.
I'm tryng to keep my head clear and meditate but a very strong power is comeing to recruit innocent minds
to creat some robots for our society, people who are simple-minded, annoying with a monotonous life
Now i see  why all childrens are the same.
And when appears a person, he is rejected, gossiped and mocked. Why because is different and have a new
perspective about everything?
Oh no honey , is worse. He is excluded, like deported in Siberia.
The life is unfair, so the person decided to make another activities to fill up the empty soul.
The answer is drawing, singing, painting and writing. Something new whereby to express.
Now the pople who can understand he's message have an open heart.
Someone who really know what is the real sense of  'feeling'. And people who don't understand.... well.... is better for them.


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