Saturday, 11 January 2014

Winter Snowflake

The most wonderfull time of the year.

Because outside wasn't snowing i was soo disappointed about the weather so i've decided to
make my propper snow by paper. I was very surprised of the results. They are looking like the real ones, really fantastic. But i want you to tell a trick they are inside photgraphed on a door.
In conclusion it's evan more fun to have your winter inside the house than outside....evan if a little, silly cat can destroy your work. 

A song say 'It's the most woderfull time of the year' and it's really true. Staing with your family with a hot chocolate in one hand near a wormmer, looking at the shinning stars.... and snow .
I wish you a very beautifull season with all your wishes to become true. 
I give you as a present some pictures with my quilling snowflake surely as always made by me. 



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